Spring Harvest

Our trip to Spring Harvest 2014 is almost here! So just before you start packing, here’s everything you need to know before we leave. Please read through the information carefully to be sure that you don’t miss anything out! If you’ve not been before and would like some more details of what will be available at Spring Harvest then take a look at www.springharvest.org and www.butlins.com

As a team, we are really looking forward to welcoming you to Spring Harvest. We know that we’re going to have a great time and we’re excited about everything that God has in store for us. If you have any questions before you leave please speak to either Ben or Nathan, or to one of your Chalet Leaders.

General Info

Chalets and Chalet Leaders:
You should already know who you’re going to be sharing a chalet with, and who your Chalet Leaders are. Your Chalet Leaders are the best people to speak to if there’s anything you’re not sure about either beforehand or during the trip.

Programme: Spring Harvest is busy, but don’t worry! Every chalet will have a programme that contains the details about what is on, when and where, and we will make sure that you know where to be and when throughout the trip!

Wristbands: Your Chalet Leaders will give you a wristband that you need to access just about everything that’s happening at Spring Harvest! If your wristband becomes damaged or broken then speak to your Chalet Leader as it’s easy to exchange it for a new one. Please try not to lose it as replacements are more difficult and may incur a charge.

Days: The days at Spring Harvest are usually referred to as numbers, so don’t be puzzled by this! We’ll arrive on Day 1 and we will leave on Day 5.


We are attending Spring Harvest Week 3 at Minehead. The dates are Monday 14th April – Friday 18th April 2014.

We will be travelling down by minibus with a couple of cars and a van for the luggage. We will be departing from Gorsley at 9:30am so you need to arrive at church for 9:00am to allow us time to load up the luggage.

On route to Minehead we will briefly stop at the services and should arrive in Minehead around midday. You’ll need to bring a packed lunch with you or you can buy lunch when we arrive.

We might be able to check-in immediately , but if not then you’ll be able to head off for a swim or to explore the site, and we will arrange a meeting time to unload the luggage and move into our chalets. If you want to swim make sure you have your kit with you on the minibus, as you may not have access to the rest of your luggage until later!

If it’s sunny on Day 5 then we might grab some beach time before heading back, so we could be home anytime between 4:00pm and 7:00pm depending on this. We’ll let you know once we’re on the way so you can ring or text your parents to collect you from Gorsley!

What To Pack

We are away at Spring Harvest for 5 days and 4 nights and while we need you to have enough clothes to cover the time away please do not pack too much! If you overpack then we may not be able to fit it all in and you may have to take some stuff out!

  • Do pack a range of clothes as the weather could be dry, wet, warm, cold, all of these and everything else in between!
  • Do bring an extra pair of footwear just in case one pair gets wet.
  • If you are into sports then bring your sports kit. The football pitches are astroturf, not grass!
  • Don’t forget to pack swim kit. It’s worth bringing it even if you’re not sure that you’re going to swim, just in case!
  • Some towels are provided however we suggest you bring at least one extra towel for swimming.
  • If you want to get in the pool right away on the afternoon when we arrive then make sure you have your kit to hand in small bag on the minibus.
  • A small rucksack is useful for use when you go swimming or when you go to the beach etc.
  • Bedding: You do not need to bring any bedding or linen with you as this is provided - however some people in each chalet will be sharing a double room. Your Chalet Leader will let you know who is sharing, and you may want to bring a sleeping bag unless you don’t mind sharing one duvet!
  • Don’t forget a Bible and note pad if you fancy making notes.
  • Please bring two tea towels each for drying up.
  • Don’t forget your toothbrush and toiletries!
  • If you bring any valuable items such as mobile phones or iPods, then you do so at your own risk.
  • We also ask everyone to bring a contribution for our morning and evening refreshment breaks – perhaps a cake or a tray bake, or even a few packets of biscuits.
  • You will either need a packed lunch for the journey down, or you can buy lunch when we arrive.

Finally, there are plenty of shops on site and supermarkets very nearby, so don’t panic, we can easily pick up anything you forget!


Spending Money: It is possible to manage without spending any extra money when you are on site, but you will probably want to buy drinks or sweets, and there’s also lots of opportunities to purchase books, CDs and other things, so you will probably want to have some extra cash!

The main activities provided by Butlins (sports, swimming, funfair etc) are free to use, but there is an extra charge for some. Here’s a rough guide to those charges:

American Pool £3.50      Bungee Trampolines £5.00

Cinema £5.00               Coconut Tree £3.00

Pitch and Putt £2.50       High Ropes £5.00 - £20.00

Jumping Pillow £2.00      Ten Pin Bowling £4.50

Bank cards are accepted virtually everywhere on site. There is a charge to use the cashpoints but the cashpoints in Minehead itself are not far away and are free. Cashback is also available for free in a number of the shops on site.

If you have any valuables or cash that you wish to lock away then there is a safe provided in each of the chalets, so please speak to one of your Chalet Leaders about this.


We use self-catering accommodation at Spring Harvest, which means that your Chalet Leaders will sort out your food with you and the others in your chalet. Your Chalet Leaders will probably have a chat with you beforehand to help them plan meals, and to find out if you have any particular dietary requirements.

While we will do our best, there may occasionally be meals that you don’t like much, especially if you’re a bit fussy about your food! However, it’s very difficult to cook for a big group of people, and keep everyone happy, so within reason we will expect you to be mature about this and get on with it!

Cooking, clearing up and other chores in the Chalet are a team effort, and everyone will be expected to do their fair share!

The Rules!

We are fairly relaxed but if you are coming to Spring Harvest then you are agreeing to listen to your Chalet Leaders (and the other Leaders) and to do as they ask. We do have the following general rules that you should be aware of:

  • No alcohol or smoking.
  • You are expected to attend all of your group’s main meetings, and all main meals (in your own chalet).
  • You shouldn’t be in other people’s chalets before 10am.
  • Boys are only allowed into the girls’ chalets as part of a group, and vice-versa. Other people’s bedrooms are out of bounds at all times.
  • We must respect the guests in other chalets around us, by keeping noise to a sensible level, and particularly with no music, TV or noise after midnight.
  • Under 18s leaving the Butlins site must have specific permission from one of their Chalet Leaders and be accompanied – even if it’s just to the beach!
  • After 9:15pm, under 18s should be with at least one other friend or leader unless back in their own chalet – please don’t wander around all by yourself! You must be back in your chalet by the curfew time set by your Chalet Leader.
  • Sometimes you might want space to yourself, or find you need to talk to someone. If that is the case then please ask one of us, and if you are going to be off on your own for a while then let us know you are okay. Your Chalet Leader and the other Youth Team are there to support and look after you!
  • Living with mates, no matter how close you are even for a short period of time can cause friction at times. Please make sure you deal with any hassles in a Godly way and with the help of the leaders.

Please note that the Leaders may amend the rules as needed!