GC Youth - The Five Steps


THE FOLLOWING FIVE STEPS OF THE YOUTH AND CHILDRENS MINISTRY reflect those of the purpose of our main adult ministry (in brackets)
Reach                    (Evangelism)
Worship                 (Exaltation)
Grow                      (Establishment)
Engage                  (Equipping and Enabling)
Friendship*            (Encouragement)
*Runs through all the steps
REACH the community through relationships and socials
We are committed to the vision that the Kingdom of God is built by children and young ‘people reaching other children and young people’ with the Gospel by inviting their friends to church.  
WORSHIP through church worship events, Sunday study groups and afterchurch.
Our aim is ‘To know Christ’. One of the primary ways we do this is by providing events where children and young people who have made a commitment to Christ meet together to worship – as we focus on God through music, prayers and learn from His Word, as well as just being together as Christian young people; so we get to know Him better and learn how to follow Him and what it means to follow Him.
GROW and become committed to Christ in small groups
The Bible tells us that as well as receiving Christ, we need to be rooted and established in him and strengthened in our faith. We are committed to good Bible teaching and small group learning as the main ways in which growth in our children and young people happens. We have a variety of groups in our different programmes that facility a deeper relationship with God. These groups provide an opportunity for children and young people to build deep relationships, worship and pray together and study God’s word in an environment where they can easily ask questions and relate it to their own circumstances. We go on to encourage baptism in those aged 11+
ENGAGE in what God has gifted you to do
We believe that the Holy Spirit gives gifts to every believing child and young person for them to use for the good of all to strengthen the church. We seek to help children and young people know their own gifts and develop them to use in the appropriate context. We would encourage involvement in mission and social action as well as expect to see them engaged in the wider life of the church.
FRIENDSHIPS with each other so everyone belongs
Living for Christ and standing out in the crowd is tough for Children and Young People as is coming to church for the first time for those who don’t know Christ. We’re convinced that our reaching, worship, growing and engaging happens more effectively through friendships. Children and Young people are encouraged to build friendships with each other and the unchurched crowd by accepting people as they are and seeing their value to God. Through our ministry we spend time building one another up in order that God’s little and not so little people can grow and know they belong. They become Church!