»   RT @andygabb91: Wow what a morning at Gorsley! @GCYouthMinistry @GCUpload #heisrisen

»   RT @frsimon: 'I lift mine eyes up from the screen...' {view link}

»   Out soon full details for our July youth weekend at home event and our October activity weekend away.

»   This Easter Sunday at 11 we have a baptismal service. It is going to be brilliant. Come early and get a good seat up front.

»   Don't forget there is just one more week to get your booking in for Soul Survivor for the discounted price.

»   A massive thanks to the hard work of @drbenh our 2014 group organiser for Springy. Also thanks to the youth team and our drivers.

»  @jenjonesssss: I love the GC Church lot 💕 {view link}

»   RT @andygabb91: Great week with this lot! @GCYouthMinistry #SH2014 {view link}

»   RT @drbenh: @samjames100 wanted every last drop of the @innocentdrinks smoothie! @GCYouthMinistry @springharvest #SH2014 {view link}

»   RT @drbenh: @samjames100 and Josh are cooking pancakes... #prayingforhelp #SH2014 @GCYouthMinistry @springharvest {view link}

»   RT @crazy_annie: @gcyouthministry girls singing grace this morning #sh2014 {view link}

»   RT @drbenh: Just had our Day 2 Leaders' Meeting - @GCYouthMinistry Team working hard and doing a fantastic job! @springharvest #SH2014

»   RT @drbenh: Sadly neither @GCYouthMinistry senior football team made semi-finals, but our basketball players did much better! @springharves

»   RT @crazy_annie: Breakfast in our chalet #sh2014 @gcyouthministry {view link}

»   RT @drbenh: Forty from @GCYouthMinistry safely reached Minehead, and excited for all that God will be doing @springharvest this week! #SH20

»   RT @drbenh: @GCYouthMinistry leaders concentrating hard on the online food shopping for their chalets @springharvest {view link}

»   Weather is looking good for @springharvest!! week3 #SH2014 #GCY {view link}

»   This week and Next at GC. Q.How do groups of angels greet each other? A: Halo, halo, halo. Have a good Week {view link}

»   Remember Zones and late night are both on this Friday.

»   A massive advance thank you to @drbenh for all his work in organising the SH2014 trip. Make sure you buy him something nice to say thanks.

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