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»   Here is a real challenge every week Jesus comes to preach with a view - are we willing to let Him be our first choice to lead our church

»   Pleased to announce the name of the person coming to lead our church - it will of course be Jesus. Hope that helps an inquisitive @drbenh

»   Great news the leadership have found someone they think should lead our church and He will be with us to preach with a view this Sunday

»   RT @paulargooder: On the importance of recognising that we should walk gently in the lives of others {view link}

»   RT @springharvest: Amazing to worship with so many this evening at #SH2015 {view link}

»   RT @GCUpload: We are holding on to the cross here at Springy tonight - beautiful worship thousands singing in tongues and open worship

»   Today here at Springy we are thinking about going deeper into His love

»   It's Day 4 @springharvest and we're getting tired but having a great time. Thanks to everyone who's praying for our young people this week!

»   Not at Springy this week then do get along to the 24 prayer room grab a mate and book a slot if you want to know what slots are free DM us

»   Today at Springy we have been looking at how close God is to us - He is much closer than many of us think #SH2015

»   Good effort by the GC youth under 16s football team today - they lost but put in a good effort #SH2015

»   GC youth are in the #sh2015 five aside 17+s football competition but one team member has transferred to another team - sold Gooch for a £1

»   We didn't like losing an hour's sleep, but we made it in time to join our first Bible teaching meetings @springharvest this morning! #SH2015

»   If you are at Springy - remember this morning kicks off at 10am if you are at home we are kicking off at 11am in the Lighthouse

»   RT @nathantajones: “@GCYouthBants: is this Santa arriving in a chalet @springharvest @GCYouthMinistry {view link}

»   RT @nathantajones: Great to see @GCYouthMinistry all settled into @springharvest not sure about the food #SH2015 {view link}

»   We're all checked in, and the boys are trying to capture their dinner #SH2015 {view link}

»   We're here, and enjoying a pre-check in McDonald's! #SH2105 {view link}

»   Rise and shine @GCYouthMinistry it is @springharvest departure day. We leave in just over an hour

»   Why not sign up this Sunday on your own or with a mate to spend an hour in the 24 hour prayer room over the first week of the Easter Holiday

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