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»   As you start a new week remember to take hold of that which has taken hold of you.

»   RT @drbenh: Few things in life are better than seeing your youth group lost in worship and praise @SoulSurvivorGB @GCYouthMinistry #loveyou

»   We are in the main service today

»   RT @drbenh: Had a fantastic week with @GCYouthMinistry at @SoulSurvivorGB Week C. Tired, but humbled by all that God did and so excited for…

»   RT @drbenh: Shout out to the dozen teenagers from @GCYouthMinistry who gave up their time and energy to help with @SoulTeams Week B! So pro…

»   RT @drbenh: Colour Chaos was immense! {view link} @SoulSurvivorGB @GCYouthMinistry

»   Remember no Zones tonight people - We guess many of you may be a little tired :)

»   It is 7am and @GCYouthMinistry are about to get up and pack down from @SoulSurvivorGB - it has been amazing.

»   @GCYouthMinistry thank you for praying for your youth leaders this morning. We love serving you.

»   Our youth group are in here “@SoulSurvivorGB: LIFT OFF! #colourchaos14 #soulsurvivor14 {view link}

»   Remember there are no programmes this Friday - back when school starts.

»   RT @BBCNews: "I've decided to sell my Hoover - it was just collecting dust" - @RealTimVine's award-winning Edinburgh Fringe joke {view link}

»   Everyone arrived safely at Soul and a great first night was had.

»   The final countdown is on - we leave for @SoulSurvivorGB tomorrow.

»   RT @loveyouruni: A level Results Day +1. Here are 26 things you might not know about UK university cities. {view link}
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»   RT @loveyouruni: We love this advice for freshers starting university soon. Thanks @tsimmonds for writing this. {view link} #Lin

»   A big shout out to our older youth serving on team @SoulSurvivorGB B. Hope you are having an awesome time.

»   Zones is on tonight - but late night cafe is not.

»   To all getting Results today - we love you and are proud of you for being everything God has created you to be.

»   RT @andygabb91: To all the @GCYouthMinistry off to @SoulSurvivorGB today have a great time!

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