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»   After church tonight we will be pancake making and playing frisbee

»   RT @GCUpload: Tonight is Passion Worship - 6.30 - guest speaker Mike Wood

»   Wonderful day. We love watching God at work in the youth of GC.

»   RT @owengallacher85: Suddenly we glimpse that far more may be healed than we ever imagined. #Easter

»   This morning @KeetTaylor @robnewton2000 and the yp with no twitter Tristan are being baptised.

»   11.00 this morning we meet with the whole church for a baptism service.

»   Today we celebrate He is Risen. Lets sing about it and more importantly live our lives fully because of it.

»   Also from midnight until inc 6.00 am slot each hour free - come in your own or with someone

»   Prayer room slots available today 12,00, 15.00, 15,00, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 20.00, 21.00 text or DM to book one

»   @satimbrell glad to see you having a great time at week 2

»   RT @SoulSurvivorGB: Romans 5:8 #goodfriday {view link}

»   I guess many of you are catching up on much need post Springy sleep - but when you wake why not tweet about what you learnt

»   This Sunday 11am is a baptismal service in the main church. It's not too late to get baptised Txt @nathantajones if you are considering it

»   Still slots in the 24 hour prayer room ends Sunday morning.

»   Remember everyone - no zones or late night tomorrow as it is Good Friday.

»   Everyone is home - thanks to everyone for making it a great trip

»   We are on the road should be back at GC approx 4.30 - your lovely teenager will text you when they are due.

»   One fantastic @springharvest event over - thanks to all the @GCYouthMinistry team and our group organiser @drbenh - safe travels

»   Waiting or fish and chips at the end of a brilliant @springharvest

»   Final morning here at Springy - one final celebration to go. :)

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