Worship and Teaching

Going Deeper into God's Word 

We are really passionate about the Bible. God's word is really important to us and want to encourage our young adults to read it, love it, ask big questions and discover God through it. In addition to our worship services we also get into Gods word together through midweek programmes.  

We offer two programmes - one is called CATALYST (18-30s) that meets every Monday and the Other is UPLOAD (16-20s) that meets every Sunday night socially and every Wednesday for Worship and Teaching. Both events take place at GC.  


What: Teaching, Worship and Social

Who is it for: Those in 6th Form up to mid twenties who prefer a student style approach. 

When: 7.30pm - 10.00pm Weekly. (WORSHIP AND STUDY END AT 9.00PM)

Venue: We meet in the Lighthouse our Youth Venue and offer a mix of teaching, worship, socials and always food :)   

What happens: Our theme for 2013 is the Beautiful Disciplines - getting close to God. 



Catalyst Study 

Catalyst suits those of you are are 18+ and prefer a young professionals setting / approach.   


Who is it for: Anyone aged 18+


When:  Meets every Monday at 8pm (social one week and Bible Study)   

 At Gorsley Chapel.  


What happens:  For a copy of the latest programme please visit our downloads page or check out the diary.