3rd Day Meal & Bible Study / Access Discipleship

Going Deeper into God's Word

We are really passionate about the Bible. God's word is really important to us and want to encourage young people to read it, love it, ask big questions and discover God through it. In addition to the our worship services we also get into Gods word together through our meal and Bible Study Groups. Each kicks off with food then we dig deeper into Gods word. We offer two different streams - Access on Fridays is for years 7-9s and 3rd Day on Wednesdays is for years 9-12 (note that 6th form can also attend the 18+ Upload Wednesday programme too).


3rd Day

What: 3rd Day Meal and Bible Study

Who is it for: Years 9 -12,

When: USUALLY MEETS TWICE A MONTH ON THE 1ST & 3RD WEDNESDAY IN THE MONTH. We kick off with a free meal at 6.15pm and end at 8.00pm. We occasionally add in some additional events so do check the diary / twitter feed or news pages. 

Dates for the 2013 are: 16th January / 06th Feb / 06th Mar / 20th March / 17th April / 1st May / 15th May / 5th June / 19th June 

Venue: The Lighthouse

What happens: We kick off with a meal at 6.15pm and then look at Gods word together. We are finished by 8.00pm. 

We are currently loooking at the Top 13 Questions about God, looking at some key topics such as:

  • How can I know God exists?
  • How is Jesus different from Mohammed and Buddha?
  • What is salvation all about?
  • Why would a loving God send people to hell?
  • How can I hear God communicate to me?
  • Which is right: evolution or creation?
  • Will God forgive any and every sin?

This is led by Ash and Jess so do speak to them if you have any questions.



 What: Access Dicispleship  

Who is it for: Years 7-9 

When:  Every Friday during term time 6.15pm - 7.00pm 

Venue: Rooms above the Haven Centre

What happens:
We kick off at 6.15pm and then look at Gods word together. We are finished by 7.00pm.

We are looking at the story of Jonah in the next couple of months, here's an overview of the course:

  • Session 1 – Going your own way: We are all disobedient to God at times - even prophets got it wrong. (Jonah 1:1-3)
  • Session 2 – Consequences:If you run away from God, will you escape? Is it worth the risk? (Jonah 1:4-17)
  • Session 3 – Help - Get Me Out of Here: Do your prayers need urgency? Praying in times of distress like Jonah.  (Honah 2:1-10)
  • Session 4 – Mind - Changing: The Shortest sermon in the World gets a big reaction. Jonah didn't need to say much to influence Nineveh. (Jonah 3:1-10)
  • Session 5 – Angry with God: Jonah tells the Ninevites to repent, they do but Jonah is cross. Do you get cross with God? (Jonah 4:1-4)
  • Session 6 – God of Mercy: So God wouldn't destroy 120,000 people but he did kill a small plant - making Jonah furious. Can God's mercy seem unfair at times? (Jonah 4:5-11)
  • Session 7 – (Save As - recap session) God's Will/The point is/Going Overboard for God: ways to get them discussing what they have talked about and learned. (Jonah 1,2,3&4)