What: Passion Worship

Who is it for:Youth, Students, 20s and everyone else who likes something different.  

When: 6.30pm on usually on the 3rd Sunday in the Month but occasonally this can change. So here are the 2013 dates

20th January  /  17th February / 17th March / 21st April / 19th May / 16th June / 21st July / No Event in August / 26th September / 27th October / 17th November / 15th December. 

 Venue: Haven Hall @ GC

What happens: One evening a month our evening service is run by our Passion Team. Passion is our alternative monthly evening worship service geared at young adults but accessible to the whole church. We meet once a month in the Haven Hall and this service offers something different to our usual Sunday evening ministry. 

Some of the types of themes we cover: 

Guess Who? The way we view God drastically alters the way we relate to Him and the way we think He wants to relate to us. So often we place false labels on God and on ourselves - we misplace our understanding. Just how do we know what God is like and what he is not like? Can we ever know? What does He really think of us. We will take a look at who we are in Christ because of who He is!

HandPrint: When you look at the word of God and the world around us what handprint does God leave, what is His message, just where does He go? Who does his heart yearn for? When we move around the world what Handprint are we leaving and does that match up with Gods. 

Heavy. We are in a race, yet so often we try to run loaded down. What do we need to cast off to run affectively? How do we do it?

Resonance"  Being in tune with God is vital for every Christian. Just how do our lives resonate with God? Are we are Tune?

Theme is "Fireworks"
Up they go, they light up the sky, make a bang then it is all over. God wants us to Light up the World - not just dazzle it with pretty colours. Just how do we stay on fire for God.

Theme is "Dig" 
The snow comes and we are snowed in, yet before long we are desperate to dig ourselves out - what is so wrong with staying in and being still. Sometimes God wants to snow us in - he wants to speak to us but are we too keen to dig ourselves out and get on life?